Hottest Summer Clothing Trends for Men

Every season, the most influential designers come out with new collections that highlight some of the trends that will be sure to catch on. According to the website ‘Fashion Beans’, here are some men’s summer trends to watch for in 2014.


The thought of mesh might be enough to make some men run for cover, but one collection by Emporio Armani included it as part of several different looks. Some of the blazers used zippers instead of traditional buttons and had an outer mesh layer.

Mesh was also used for t-shirts that were worn under blazers or on their own, and mesh knitwear like cardigans and vests were also featured. In less formal wear, mesh sweatshirts made an appearance along with mesh details on some of the shoes.


You may also see a lot of red this summer as it finds its way into several different men’s fashions. On the runways, the tones ranged from classic crimson or ruby to dark berries or blood orange and even some hot pink. When you encounter different shades of red at your favorite men’s stores this summer, make sure to ask for a hand when mixing and matching, so you get it just right.

Vintage Americana

This term may have a different definition with each person you ask, but this summer you’re bound to notice collections that call back to 1940s and 1950s America. Look for Hawaiian prints and Ivy League inspired pieces, as well as styles that remind you of some of the rebels of the silver screen like James Dean or Marlon Brando.

Colorful Footwear

The modern man doesn’t seem afraid to let his colorful side come out, and that will extend to footwear this summer. You may notice splashes of orange, yellow, red and burgundy where black and brown used to reside. This is true for formal and casual shoes across several different styles.

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