Should You Rent a Tuxedo for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, and while some of us prefer to keep it low key, you didn’t happen upon this post because you have nothing to do, did you? If you’re a male and you have a special someone, and the two of you have Valentine’s Day plans, the topic of what to wear will certainly come up if it hasn’t already.

Today’s men have quite the sense of style, and have no issue wearing a suit or even a tuxedo when the situation warrants it. The question is, should you rent a tux for your Valentine’s Day? And if yes, which way should you lean?

What’s the Occasion?

A lot of people like to get married on Valentine’s Day to make the holiday extra special and for that ultimate wedding anniversary. If this is what you have planned, then by all means rent yourself a tuxedo and go as formal as necessary.

If you’re not exchanging vows but you are headed to a “dressed up” party or banquet, you still might want to show up in this season’s most stylish tuxedo. Whether you rent a tuxedo for Valentine’s Day or not really does depend on the nature of the event you’re attending, because it will dictate what you should be wearing. You won’t need a tux for a nice dinner and a movie, but a formal dinner and dance is another story.

Match Your Date

Your valentine will also help decide if renting a tuxedo is the right way to go, and what style to get if it is the right choice. It’s so easy to picture a tuxedo as a black and white penguin suit with a bow tie and tails, but that is hardly the case.

You can go with the black, formal look but you can also go with chocolate, khaki, white or grey in single or double-breasted and with a regular suit tie over a bow tie, if that’s your preference. Sometimes, a nice shirt and tie with a vest will suffice. Just make sure you take the time to co-ordinate with your date ahead of time, so your wardrobes complement one another.

The Value of Expert Help

For Valentine’s Day or any day, the value of expert wardrobe help can’t be overstated. We have seasoned experts at the ready, along with suits and tuxedos by Perry Ellis, Joseph Abboud, Jean Yves and more. Valentine’s Day is just once a year, and you’ll only have one chance to make the right decision about renting a tux or not. Give us a call today so you’re guaranteed to make the right choice.